Data Mining and Analytics

Your organisation may collect a lot of data, but without the right analysis, interpretation, and judgment, a lot of this information can go untapped.

This is where Ruglas Media comes in!

Our data analytics services can help shed light on the story behind the numbers and help you gain more actionable insights!

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Importance of Analytics & Measurability

Data without analysis doesn’t make sense. It’s a bit like trying to solve a puzzle without the big picture. This is why data analytics is so important. It can help you see the big picture and the story hidden behind that data.  However, data analytics isn’t just about numbers. It’s also about understanding your customers’ needs and behaviours. Our services equip you with the right tools to head and track an effective campaign by helping you track, measure and make sense of your data. 

Setting Up

Setting up primarily involves figuring out what data sets and key metrics need to be tracked. In other words, we assess your data and tell you what to track/look for by maximising the analytics tools at our disposal to offer you a holistic data-tracking solution.

This assessment is done on a micro and macro level on our end to ensure your organisation is offered end-to-end analytics.

Data Mining & Root Cause Analysis

While collecting lots of data from real-time sources is essential, our primary goal here is to answer questions through a focused lens and to look at the correct data.

We also look into key metrics that drive results to find emerging trends to help in our decision-making processes.


We present all our findings in an easy-to-understand report. This report will essentially be a graphical representation of your marketing performance.

Our reports will be customised to show data that is relevant to your team and designation. This means you get reports that show data relevant to the metrics you and your team are tracking.

Analytics Tools That We Work With

Our team works with industry-leading web analytics suites and a host of third-party tools to fill in any gaps to craft an effective marketing campaign.

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Use Cases of Analytics

Starting With a New Web Property

First, we start by having a comprehensive set-up in place so we can collect the correct data, making it easier to make informed decisions in the long run. 

Along with crucial metrics most connected to your campaign, things like pain points and issues users face during the buying journey are also taken into account.

Migrating From One Platform to Another

If you feel like you’re not getting any tangible results from your current data and analytics processes, it may be time to switch platforms.

Now, this is a challenging thing to do. It often involves training your team to understand how the new platform works, which can get resource-intensive.

However, since you’ll be employing our services, all of the variables that come into play during this transition will be handled by our team!

Understanding What's Working and What Is Not Working

Most leading brands adopt a test-and-learn strategy and house a strong culture of experimentation. This way, they know exactly what strategies have worked and will continue to work. 

Consistently monitoring campaign performance and other vital metrics also offers valuable insights and helps uncover future trends.

The key indicators of a successful marketing strategy are increased web traffic, average time spent per visit, conversion metrics and return on investment (RIO).

Critical Data Available in One Place With the Right Dashboards

Dashboards help you understand the positive and negative impacts that marketing efforts have on your revenue. Using the right dashboard can help you and your team become more aware of the data you have.

This increased data awareness facilitates more strategic decisions. In other words, they help put things into perspective and create a constant feedback loop.

Not Being Able to Make Marketing Decisions Without Data

By now, everyone knows how crucial data-driven marketing strategies are. Businesses that employ them are 2X more likely to grow their market share in 12 months and also continue to outperform their peers. 

However, to achieve this, you need relevant data to make the right decisions. 

This is where we come in. We make sure you track the right metrics and data sets so you are able to make better business decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketers, e-commerce businesses, content creators, business owners on all levels, SEO specialists, and web developers and designers can all immensely benefit from employing data analytics services. 

For example, Google Analytics can be used to track website performance and customer behaviour in the case of business owners.Meanwhile, digital marketers, SEO specialists, content creators and web developers can use it to track the effectiveness of their strategies/campaigns and to see what improvements can be made to enhance their performance further. 

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are the most widely used web analytics tools by marketers, with Google Analytics making up the majority market share.

Our fee structure will depend on several factors like the amount of effort required, the exact services and support you need, your contract duration, etc. 

If our data analytics services are something you want to employ to bolster your team, get in touch with us for a consultation.

Data analytics is an ongoing, cyclical process that involves consistently monitoring key metrics, taking actions based on success parameters/insights and monitoring performance. 

A successful data analysis process should primarily be able to offer the right answers, i.e., are the results acceptable and do they provide value? – It must also: 

  • Help you review your marketing tactics and improve them regularly.
  • Gives you a better understanding of who your users are and what they want.
  • Provides a good return on investment and should help with your campaign’s cost efficiency.

Marketing managers need to track website traffic metrics, conversion rates, Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), social media engagement and performance metrics, email marketing metrics, Return on Investment (ROI), lead generation and quality as some of their key metrics. 

These terms pinpoint to tracking customer behaviour and how customers interact with brands and various marketing campaigns targeted at them. 

Tracking these metrics will give you a better understanding of what areas you can improve and capitalise on to make the most out of your marketing campaigns while still being cost-efficient.

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